Live paintings | Favorite moment into a memory

London skyline painting

At the end of the day you will get cherished by the art and it creates the memories in your life. Every occasion is done to create some memory so they will consult with you about the function and what do you need to be captured in the function. When the event begins they will arrive there before 1 to 3 hours to set up everything. So you don’t need to set the things what the live painter need.

These painters will start capturing all the important moments and the peoples who are important. Every art is finished before the events get to an end and live painter will leave the place without any spot. If you want to get the painting on the same night you can get that if not they will deliver it to our home.

The main goal of the painter is to capture the main theme of the event and to make the guests happy. In the event there will be a normal photo-shoot but these painters will make your event very expressive and meaningful. In the painting if you are the main person it will be identifiable by doing the hair color and highlighting the clothes you wear.

London skyline painting

In the event there are many scenes may happen which are close to our heart and you can make everything into an art by the painter. But the main thing is to make all the happenings in the same space. If there are two location the painter can start in the first location and they can switch to the nearby space while the guests can see the painting clearly.

In the painting the most important people will be focused and if you want to specify some friends those face can be drawn looser in the painting. You want to place the artist in the fair place without any interruption. You can also get the paint by using the photos for the happened events, for those events going to happen you can get the live painting.

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