Are you one of the 2 million people with an interest-only mortgage? Then check your long-term income. About ten percent of the 2 million has a major financial problem if the income falls in the future. That says Vereniging Eigen Huis (VEH). These figures come from an analysis of the first outcomes of the recently launched VEH mortgage scan.

The first analysis is based on 56,000 completed mortgage scans. Monthly charges threaten to become unaffordable for many people, for example because they retire. A study by ANBO (advocacy organization for seniors), that the organization started together with EénVandaag, shows that more people are in trouble. This may also be due to higher interest rates being applied or the benefit of mortgage interest relief being canceled. Furthermore, it appears that few people are worried about the future. According to ANBO often unjustified.

Especially the elderly

Recently, on 1 October 2018, VEH launched the mortgage scan. This launch coincided with the campaign ‘Relaying Settlement’, an initiative of Dutch banks. Because only the income counts for a new mortgage – and not the surplus value or the assets of the person concerned – it is negative for many people. Especially for the elderly. ANBO believes that banks should view the entire situation and then assess the risk. Currently, many people are in uncertainty because they have to pay off their mortgage, while there is no possibility for financing.


The ANBO survey, conducted among 4,000 members and non-members, also shows that seniors still have substantial mortgage debts. Problems are expected especially between 2035 and 2038. During that period, the interest-only mortgage for 700,000 households will expire, thus ending the right to interest deduction.