Increasingly, the Portuguese hear about LineBank, one of the banks with the widest range of credit offerings and varied financial products.

In 2018, one of the main bets of this bank is the consolidated credit LineBank, which has immense advantages for the consumer.

If you do not know what a consolidated credit is, you do not even know LineBank’s offer, so do not worry, we’ll explain everything to you next.


Characteristics of consolidated credit LineBank

consolidated credit

Well, the consolidated credit LineBank will allow you not only to combine all your credits in a single installment, but also will bring you other advantages.

But, know first its characteristics:

  • Amount of financing between € 5,000 and € 50,000;
  • Payment terms between 24 and 120 months (between 2 and 10 years);
  • Possibility of adding credit protection insurance;
  • TAN from 10.55%;
  • APR from 13.20%;


Simulations in 120 months


Amount € 20,000

  • Monthly fee : € 287.68
  • APR: 13.2%
  • TAN: 11.60%
  • MTIC: € 34,822.11
  • Optional Insurance: € 14.20 (Amount to be added to the monthly fee)


Amount € 30,000

  • Monthly payment: € 431.52
  • APR: 13.2%
  • TAN: 11.60%
  • MTIC: € 52,233.18
  • Optional Insurance: € 21.30 (Amount to be added to the monthly fee)


Amount € 50,000

  • Monthly fee : € 719.20
  • APR: 13.2%
  • TAN: 11.60%
  • MTIC: € 87,055.39
  • Optional Insurance: € 35.50 (Value to be added to the monthly fee)



Benefits of loan

In addition to the features presented, there are also several other advantages associated to LineBank consolidated credit.


Get to know them next.

1 – Available to customers of any bank

To subscribe to this offer, you do not need to change banks or open a new account, just indicate the IBAN so that it is all associated with your current account.


2 – Possibility of requesting extra funding

Imagine that the total value of the consolidated loan you need is € 15,000, however, you need to buy a new car and the value of it is € 5,000.

It is possible to ask for a credit consolidation of € 15,000, plus a new loan of € 5,000. In this case, the amount of the consolidated loan would be € 20,000 which can pay up to 120 months.


3 – Monthly rates and flat rates

In order to control all of its monthly expenses, consolidated LineBank credit has fixed monthly fees and fees from the beginning and until the end of the contract.

The only exception is the first installment which adds the tax amount to the requested amount.


4 – Flexibility in choosing the term

With this consolidated loan, you choose how much time you want to pay (24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96 and 120 months.)


5 – No opening or early amortization fees

Imagine that in the middle of the financing you have been able to add some money that you want to write off to the value of your consolidated credit. Know that you can do so without any amortization commission being charged.


What is a consolidated credit?

What is a consolidated credit?

A credit consolidation or a consolidated credit is nothing more than the possibility of joining all the credits you have and only paying a single installment for them.

Monthly installments can be reduced up to 60%, and instead of paying multiple loans, to several banks with multiple interest rates, you pay only a single installment, with a more advantageous interest rate.

However, it is essential to stress that in order to consolidate a credit, there are several issues to consider, namely the typology of your credits.


The main advantages of a consolidated loan are:

  • Decrease up to 60% of the monthly amount paid in credits;
  • Increase in payment term;
  • It allows you to reduce bank fees;
  • Improved financial management;
  • Reduction of interest rate;
  • Join the credits;
  • Do away with credit cards;
  • Possibility to request a new value to buy something you need.

If at this time your financial life is a little out of control, you can contact us and we will evaluate the possibility of hiring a consolidated loan.


If you have any questions or would like to make a simulation in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us.